The BB Cream theory

BB Creams were originated in Germany back in 1960s and its sole purpose was to recover the skin while providing coverage after surgery.

In 1980s BB creams became popular across Asia.

  • 1.What does BB stands for?

Blemish balm or beauty base or beauty balm.

  • 2.What is its purpose?

It’s kind of wearing a foundation which provides coverage but at the same time letting your skin heal with blemishes.

  • 3.When to use?

Usually when your skin is going through break out or redness or any kind of problematic situation BB cream works the best…But it’s not necessary to use only when you have problematic skin you can also use when your skin is all normal and you just need a minimal coverage.


  • 4.benefits of BB cream?

 It moisturizes your skin

 It has primer and SPF in it

 It gives you an even tone look

 It brightens your face

 It helps to heal acne without worsening the situation



Medium or full depending upon the brand and how you build it.


5.Difference between BB creams and foundation and tinted moisturizers?

As tinted moisturizers are meant to provide moisture to the skin along with some coverage of foundation whereas, foundation are meant to provide coverage while on the other hand BB cream provides coverage as well as moisturizes the skin.


My 2 drugstore favs are:

  1. Lotus BB cream: It’s great for dry skin it moisturizes and gives a dewy look and is more on the natural side


  1. Maybelline BB cream: It’s great for oily skin where it controls the excess oil production and at the same time doesn’t make your skin look or feel dry






  1. Vegan BB cream: Some great cruelty-free BB creams are

-Smash box

smash box


-The body shop

the body shop.png

My 2 most Favs high end BB creams are:




-Rimmel London

rimmel london.png




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