Everything you need to know about eyeliners

Eyeliners could be tricky i mean very much tricky just like math but with the help of some tricks, hacks this art could be perfected.

1.What are different mediums for eyeliner?

 liquid eye liners(felt tips)

 powder based eye pencils

 wax based eye pencils

 gel eyeliners

2.Which eyeliner medium is perfect for your eyes?

If you are a beginner I would suggest you to use felt tips because it gives you precision and at the same time it’s easy to use.

 If you want dark pigment and want your eyeliner to last long, I would suggest you to go for gel based eyeliner.

3.What eyeliner shape is perfect for your eyes?

 step 1: To identify your eye shape:


almond eyes

  • Eyes resemble as almond.
  • Perfectly symmetrical with slightly upswept outer corner.
  • Considered the most versatile shape for any look.

For ALMOND EYES, all you need to do is increase depth and intensity.


round eyes

  • Larger and rounder than almond eyes.
  • The white part of the eyes is more visible

For ROUND EYES elongate the width to maximize the shape


upward eyes

  • Natural upward lift at the outer corner of the eye.
  • Visible lid areas.
  • Perfect shape for smokey eyes.

For UPTURNED EYES you need to emphasize upward lift and enhance the symmetry.


downturned eyes.png

  • Slightly drop at the outer corner of the eye
  • Perfect for any eyeliner look, especially cat eyes.

For DOWNTURNED EYES accentuate shape and enhance outer corner.


monolid 1

  • Little to no crease and less defined brow bone
  • Common in Asian eyes
  • Large lid space is perfect for multiple looks

For MONOLID EYES create definition and dimension.



  • Natural crease appears hidden.
  • Less visible lid
  • Great for contouring

For HOODED EYES you need to enhance visible eyelid space.

Now you know which eye shape is yours and where to emphasize on which area lets jump right onto eyeliner

There are also many techniques to draw perfect winged eyeliner using scotch tape, cards, eyeliner stencils and much more…

But here the only two things that I am going to emphasize on are:

  The PRESSURE that you apply on the brush.


Problem 1. Why do the eyeliner line becomes so thick?

I have always heard people saying whenever I draw my eyeliner I always draw the line so thick….Beauties the reason is, you apply a lot of pressure which deposits uneven amount of product as well as it also bends the brush on its thicker side….So, remember to avoid thickening of the eyeliner apply less pressure and use the tip.

 Creating small feather-like strokes. These two things would give you the perfect winged eyeliner.

Now you know all the tricks and basics lets get onto drawing it step by step:

Step one: Prime your lids if you have oily lids, it prevents smudging of the eyeliner and makes the eyeliner lasts long. You can absolutely skip this step, if you have normal eyelids.


Step two: Draw a wing at the end of the eye using the tip and applying less pressure.


Step three: Now move to the inner corner and join the wing to the lid and draw line close to you lash line (depending upon the look you are going for).




Boom beauties here you have your perfect winged eyeliner

p.s., I am not saying that you’ll get the perfect winged eyeliner in one go but this absolutely works when you practice it again and again.

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