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The Classic Red lipstick❤

Hey, my Vyvacious beauties how are you people doing? I hope you people liked my previous blogs. And if you haven’t checked that out don’t forget to scroll down after reading this❤  yaa so coming back to Red lips.

I believe life is too short to have boring lipsticks right?!

So, I am going to talk about Red lips, How to actually choose your perfect shade and many more❤

Question 1:

How to choose perfect lip shade?

New Tan

❤ basically, there are 3 tones:

  1. Warm tone
  2. Neutral tone
  3. Cool tone

The above are the three tones, all you need to know about them is every lipstick has an undertone. For example, Warm tones look good on people with warm or darker skin and so it applies to the rest two shades❤

Question 2:

 How to actually know what undertone do you have?

❤ Tip1: This is the jewelry method, here all you do is put on a gold necklace and see if it compliments your skin tone and if it does it means you have a warm undertone and if you put on a silver jewelry and if it compliments your skin tone then you have a cool undertone and if both the gold and silver jewelry compliments your skin it means you have a neutral undertone ❤  boom now you know what your undertone is and which lip shade to use❤

So, now you lovely beauties know how to choose the perfect red lipstick❤

Don’t forget to comment down below and do tag me on your pictures if you find your perfect red lipstick❤

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