Everything you need to know about concealers and color correcting


 What are color correctors/concealers?

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Color correctors/concealers are a type of cosmetics which are used to mask imperfections, dark circles, acne, redness and much more.

 Why should you use color correctors or concealers?

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Concealers/color correctors are basically required when you want to either brighten up your skin or hide redness or dark circles.

 How does color corrector/concealer actually work?


Color corrector/concealer works on the principle of cancelling each color out. For e.g., green color corrector works for cancelling redness. While, orange color corrector reduces the appearance of the dark circles. Therefore, the color correctors do not show throw foundations.

 Different color correctors and which area to focus these correctors on?

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  1. Green- Neutralizes Redness.
  2. Yellow- Cancels purple and blue tones. Corrects mild redness.
  3. Purple- Neutralizes dull yellow tones on light to medium skin.
  4. Pink- Brightens dullness and discoloration on light skin.
  5. Orange- Cancels dark circles and brown spots on medium to dark skin.
  6. Blue- Neutralizes sallowness and hyper-pigmentation and light skin.


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