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Basic everyday makeup look❤

IMG_5785Hey my vyvacious beauties how are you beautiful souls doing?? So, I am going to share my simple every day look . So, without much of blabbering lets get right into it❤

Firstly you would always want to start with a clean canvas so basically I’ve been using this

Cetaphil gentle cleanser


The next step is to use a moisturizer and I use this jovees Aloe Vera moisturizing lotion and its just so creamy and hydrating.

Related image

Next I Use the Neutrogena ultra-sheer dry touch sun block SPF 50+

Image result for neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen

Moving on to the actual makeup. The first thing I do is fill in my eyebrows and I don’t know how but just filling in your eyebrows makes you look so put together and just frames your face❤

I use the nyx professional makeup eyebrow cake powder

Image result for nyx professional makeup eyebrow cake powder image -pacakging

Yes at times I do use a liner and I use the Maybelline gel liner and its just so creamy and it stays on perfectly almost till the end of the day, its dark and thick in consistency really good for people who love pigmented (opaque) liners.

Image result for maybelline gel liner

And at times, when I feel a bit fancy I use a bronzer and just swipe it all over my crease area just to get a bit of an contoured eye look. For bronzer i use the NYX matte bronzer.

Related image

Finishing the eye makeup with our trusty old friend mascara lately I’ve been using this Maybelline  Hyper curl mascara and believe me it just gives your lashes a dramatic lift and that’s what everybody wants right?


Moving on to the skin I don’t really like to use heavy foundations or mousse for daily basis I either color correct my problematic areas by using some concealer and when I just need an even tone skin I use a BB Cream. I use this lotus BB cream its light and it  gives you a dewy look.

Image result for lotus bb cream

Next just to make sure that everything lasts till the end of the day, I use the Maybelline fit me setting powder.

Image result for maybelline fit me powder

For lips I basically like to use a chap-stick/lip balm nothing crazy as such. So, that’s it this is my final look nothing crazy as such simple and pretty much easy I guess❤

Don’t forget to comment down below and and questions or suggestions for the next blog post your most welcome❤xoxo

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