Top 3 best drugstore highlighter

Highlighters are one of the bestest creations in the beauty industry. I love them however, they could be really expensive at times. These are some good drugstore highlighters.

1.Wet n wild highlighting powder

Image result for wet n wild highlighting powder

So, basically my list is incomplete without this one gorgeous highlighter. I mean its just so beautiful like it looks like a wet liquid highlighter and gives you a bomb glow. I cant stop rambling about it if you wanna invest on a great pigmented highlighter you must try this highly recommended!!

2.NYX born to glow liquid illuminator

Image result for nyx born to glow liquid highlighter

OK, So I had to add a liquid highlighter in this list because more than powder highlighters I am a liquid highlighter girl and it basically gives you a natural glow, good for daily use.

3.Essence pure nude highlighter

Image result for essence pure nude highlighter

This essence pure nude highlighter adds natural glow to your cheeks, temples and all the highest points of your face. It’s a baked formula, applies smoothly and with a lot of blending it even gives you a natural look.


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