1. Essence Make me brow (eyebrow gel mascara)

Image result for essence make me eyebrow mascara

 So, for me more than any eyebrow product that is a pomade or pencil, the most important product is a brow gel because the least I would want is my eyebrow hairs ruling all over the place just like my curly hair. So, this is a budget friendly eyebrow gel it pretty much does the work, but this product is available in just one shade I guess I.e., 01 Blondy Brows.

2.Freedom duo eyebrow powder

Image result for freedom duo eyebrow powder

This is by far the best brow powder in my opinion if you are in a budget*. Obviously I am not comparing this kit with high-end brands but it pretty much does the work. It’s easy to blend, with great pigment so if you’re looking for brow powders and you’re a beginner in makeup and want a brow powder this would be the one I’d suggest. It’s not really that cheap but it’s a great investment for your brows.

Its available in three shades-

  • Ebony
  • Dark Brown
  • Taupe

 3. Nicka K Eyebrow pencil

Image result for nicka k eyebrow pencil

 My list would obviously be incomplete without an eyebrow pencil. So, I wouldn’t say this is my favorite eyebrow pencil but it surely does the work it gives you precision has the product on one side and the spooley on the other side.

It comes in 4 shades-

  • Brown
  • Cocoa
  • Dark Brown
  • Charcoal Grey.


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