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Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Products


Burts bees sensitive daily moisturizing cream

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This moisturizer is extremely gorgeous for sensitive skin, as it says and it really is because I do have sensitive skin and on the dry spots it’s really moisturizing where I’ve noticed that most of the moisturizers tingle.


Maybelline Baby skin instant pore eraser

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It is like a normal primer it basically does the work and it has a gel-like consistency and basically does the job of a primer.


Loreal Paris infallible

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This is a great foundation I have enjoyed every single time I’ve used it. I also love the Maybelline fit me range however it gives a matte look so I tried this infallible I use it with a beauty oil or mix some moisturizer as I am not a matte look-kind of a person and lastly, it is good for the price.


Maybelline instant age rewind

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Now I understood the hype about this concealer it has a medium consistency I mean it’s not that runny (like you would expect a liquid concealer to be)  however after setting with a translucent or a setting powder it does stay for a long duration.

Setting powder

NYC Smooth skin loose face powder

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I have added this translucent powder because does not have a pigment (yellow tint i.e. banana powder) so it works for all skin types and undertones and sets everything in place and does the job of a setting powder.


NYC Smooth skin bronzing powder

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This NYC bronzing powder is absolutely great for beginners to work with the pigmentation is great and you can use it for contouring by increasing the concentration of the product and give a crisp look by cleaning it up with a translucent powder. It can also be used as an eyeshadow.


Wet n Wild color icon blush

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There are millions of blushes out there but the only reason behind adding this eyeshadow in the list is its pigmentation it gives a beautiful color to the cheeks having not to double up the product.




Image result for colourpop eyeshadow

It’s basically a  single shadow. however, it’s so pigmented that it literally reflects the light even in the pan itself. I highly recommend this shadow as it is multi-purpose.


Wet n Wild megaglo contouring palette

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This wet n wild palette is really convenient on the basis of color as you don’t really need to buy a separate highlight and contour shade and no product would be wasted.


NYX microbrow pencil

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This pencil is just like any other eyebrow pencil in the market I mean it does the work, is great to work with because it’s really creamy and easily blendable for the people who are new to makeup.

Setting spray

NYX makeup setting spray fixatif maquillage

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I love this setting spray as it works brilliantly for my skin it gives me that dewy look and I would prefer it more because of the price point.

(If you love matte finish theres an option for you too)

Eyeshadow primer

Milani eyeshadow primer

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I am personally not an eyeshadow primer person and I use my concealer as my eyeshadow primer it does the same job for me but if anybody really wants a full makeup set and wants to include eyeshadow primer too I would recommend this.

Eyeshadow palette

Makeup revolution iconic 2 redemption eyeshadow palette

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate this palette I mean it’s so beautiful and I personally don’t like a lot of colorful eyeshadows I prefer brownish and earthy nude tones this has the right amount of shimmer in it which brings a pop to the nudes its great for beginners its pretty from the price point of view and even the color pay off is great.


e.l.f. studio cream eyeliner

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I have included gel-based eyeliner because I am personally not a liquid liner girl and I would prefer gel liner any day over liquid liner because it stays for long. however, its a bit tough to work with but a great investment if you are used to it.

Lip liner

I am not a lip liner/lipstick or any lip product person I just love putting on some  chapsticks and that’s it however if I would have to wear something on my lips for a day I would definitely wear these from the price point of view:

Wet n wild gel lip liner

Image result for wet n wild gel lip liner

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner

Image result for rimmel exaggerate lip liner


Liquid lipstick

NYX soft matte lip cream

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skin care (thursday series)

5 Life changing Skin care Hacks


Image result for tea bags

Tea bags: I know that’s strange but instead of buying toner or products to depuff your eyes you can use tea bags.You need a couple of tea bags pour some hot water, let the water cool down and store it in a container there you have it a home-made toner. You can also use tea bags as eye masks to depuff your eyes.


Image result for facial\ wipes

Facial wipes: I know you’ve heard of this hack quiet at a lot. This is keeping some facial wipes near your bed because I know we’ve all been there where we are so tired and we don’t really wanna take the makeup off so these wipes near your bed would at least help you take your makeup off and not look like a raccoon when you get up in the morning.


Image result for SHEET MASKS brands

Sheet masks: Sheets masks can be really tempting and usually sheet masks have a lot of essence in it so when you use a sheet masks there is a lot of essence which has been wasted in the packet so all you gotta do is take the remaining essence from the packet and use it on your body.


Image result for sunscreen

SPF Everyday: This is quiet obviously but a lot of people skip this step using spf is so damn important regardless of what the weather is.


Related image

Multi-masking: A lot of us face different problems in different areas of our face like oily in the t zone and dryness on the rest of our face. Here multi-masking comes into the picture it is basically applying different masks onto the different areas of our face.

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  1. Essence Make me brow (eyebrow gel mascara)

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 So, for me more than any eyebrow product that is a pomade or pencil, the most important product is a brow gel because the least I would want is my eyebrow hairs ruling all over the place just like my curly hair. So, this is a budget friendly eyebrow gel it pretty much does the work, but this product is available in just one shade I guess I.e., 01 Blondy Brows.

2.Freedom duo eyebrow powder

Image result for freedom duo eyebrow powder

This is by far the best brow powder in my opinion if you are in a budget*. Obviously I am not comparing this kit with high-end brands but it pretty much does the work. It’s easy to blend, with great pigment so if you’re looking for brow powders and you’re a beginner in makeup and want a brow powder this would be the one I’d suggest. It’s not really that cheap but it’s a great investment for your brows.

Its available in three shades-

  • Ebony
  • Dark Brown
  • Taupe

 3. Nicka K Eyebrow pencil

Image result for nicka k eyebrow pencil

 My list would obviously be incomplete without an eyebrow pencil. So, I wouldn’t say this is my favorite eyebrow pencil but it surely does the work it gives you precision has the product on one side and the spooley on the other side.

It comes in 4 shades-

  • Brown
  • Cocoa
  • Dark Brown
  • Charcoal Grey.


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The Best DRUGSTORE Makeup Brushes❤


Heyyyy, my vyvacious beauties how are you people doing? So today I’ll be listing down some best drugstore makeup brushes according to me so let’s get right into it❤


E.l.f. ultimate blending brush

Image result for elf ultimate blending brush

SO, before saying anything about how the brush is?! I would like to mention the bristles of this brush is so soft I mean it feels so soft and deposits the powder product evenly throughout the face. Its dense bristles collects and deposits the product evenly throughout the face and makes it blend into the skin evenly. You can even use this brush as a substitute for blush brush and much more.


Image result for real techniques miracle complexion sponge.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

So basically everybody knows that the beauty blender has just changed the beauty world and most of them just use beauty blender for foundation and much more liquid products(even for baking)

It’s great for applying liquid products it gives you a good amount of coverage depending upon the amount and the type of product you use. But the down side of the product is it absorbs some part of the liquid product but that can be forgiven by the amount of coverage it gives and the look it gives to the skin.


EcoTools Deluxe Fan brush

Image result for ecotools deluxe fan brush sponge

I don’t necessarily feel that you need to splurge on this brush because you can just use a normal powder brush and just flatten it by pressing it by your fingers or you could just use a bobby pin to give it that fan brush shape.

But, if you want to have a full brush set and want a great fan brush this would be my option for a drugstore fan brush.


Wet n Wild Powder Brush

Image result for wet n wild powder  brush sponge

This is another option for a powder brush.

And the best part is it looks so beautiful in that price and secondly its vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.


Nyx Cosmetics Pro Dual Brow Brush

Image result for nyx pro dual brow brush  brush sponge

Talking about its shape and the structure, its great for you eyebrows completely like it comes with an angled brush and a spooley it deposits the gel/product evenly and it does give you an Instagram brow so what else do you need?


Circa Contour & Blush Brush

Image result for circa contour and blush  brush sponge

(I just wanted to keep this as an option because I already have listed powder brushes which would work the same for blushes .)


Revlon Foundation Brush

Related image

Its flat structure makes it really easy to apply foundation evenly throughout the face. It does not shed or makes your skin feel itchy or something. It’s a great brush to spend on because you can just use this for all liquid products like contouring, foundation and much more.


Sonia kaushuk eye kit

Image result for sonia kashuk eye kit

I had to add this is my list because you just don’t have to spend on different brushes rather you can just have this set and you are done for your eye makeup.

The set consists of a flat shadow brush, a smudging brush, an angled liner brush, blending brush and a crease brush. What else do you need for an eye makeup?

Lastly, its all natural 100%cruelty free goat & pony hair.

So, that’s it for today’s blog I hope you people liked it don’t forget to like and subscribe❤xoxo

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Back to Basics: Makeup Brushes 101❤


Makeup Brushes 101❤

Hey, my vyvacious beauties. So, today’s blog is all about makeup brushes. I’ve just covered the purpose or you can say the uses of the brushes. So, lets get right into it.


Related image

Its basically used to dust light powders like highlighters, bronzers. And can also be used to dust eye-shadow fallout. Because of its fan-like structure it becomes easy to deposit a particular product evenly.


Image result for powder brush

The name says it all, its used to apply light powders, blushes, bronzers and much more. 


Related image

Its dense structure makes it easy to apply powders, blushes or bronzers in one go. And because of its small size, its easy to carry it with you as a substitute for powder brushes.


Image result for foundation brush

A Foundation brush makes the application of any liquid products like foundation, creams, contours., much easier and distributes the product evenly.


Image result for beauty blender

Used to apply foundation and liquid products. And it is also helpful in baking. Its usually most preferred over brushes because it gives a skin like finish., especially, when used damped.


Related image

Because of its angled structure its gives precision in contouring especially for the cheekbones, forehead, temples, jawline etc.


Image result for concealer brush

Its helps you in better application of the concealer and even helps in easy blending.


Image result for angled liner brush

It gives precision in drawing a winged eyeliner or even in the application of an eye shadow. It can also be used as an eyebrow brush.


Image result for dome shadow brush

Its good for application of eye-shadow on the lid and even highlighter on the brow bone.


Image result for fluffy eyeshadow brush

It help you to blend eye-shadows easily and helps in easy application of single shadow.


Image result for mini shadow brush

It helps to increase an intensity of a particular color for e.g., to create a winged eyeliner using black shadow. All it does is, it increases the intensity of the color and makes it more precise.


Image result for angled shadow brush

It makes the blending of an eye-shadow easy at the crease area because of its angled structure.

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Top 3 best drugstore highlighter❤

Hey, my vyvacious angels… How are you people doing? Today’s blog is all about the glow baby❤

Yes, so these are my top 3 favorite highlighters in budget. So, without much of rambling lets get right into it.

1.Wet n wild highlighting powder

Image result for wet n wild highlighting powder

So, basically my list is incomplete without this one gorgeous highlighter. I mean its just so beautiful like it looks like a wet liquid highlighter and gives you a bomb glow. I cant stop rambling about it if you wanna invest on a great pigmented highlighter you must try this highly recommended!!

2.NYX born to glow liquid illuminator

Image result for nyx born to glow liquid highlighter

OK, So I had to add a liquid highlighter in this list because more than powder highlighters I am a liquid highlighter girl and it basically gives you a natural glow, good for daily use.

3.Essence pure nude highlighter

Image result for essence pure nude highlighter

This essence pure nude highlighter adds natural glow to your cheeks, temples and all the highest points of your face. It’s a baked formula, applies smoothly and with a lot of blending it even gives you a natural look❤

So, that’s it for today’s blog I hope you people liked it. Don’t forget to comment down below any queries or suggestions for new blog post. xoxo❤

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Basic everyday makeup look❤

IMG_5785Hey my vyvacious beauties how are you beautiful souls doing?? So, I am going to share my simple every day look . So, without much of blabbering lets get right into it❤

Firstly you would always want to start with a clean canvas so basically I’ve been using this

Cetaphil gentle cleanser


The next step is to use a moisturizer and I use this jovees Aloe Vera moisturizing lotion and its just so creamy and hydrating.

Related image

Next I Use the Neutrogena ultra-sheer dry touch sun block SPF 50+

Image result for neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen

Moving on to the actual makeup. The first thing I do is fill in my eyebrows and I don’t know how but just filling in your eyebrows makes you look so put together and just frames your face❤

I use the nyx professional makeup eyebrow cake powder

Image result for nyx professional makeup eyebrow cake powder image -pacakging

Yes at times I do use a liner and I use the Maybelline gel liner and its just so creamy and it stays on perfectly almost till the end of the day, its dark and thick in consistency really good for people who love pigmented (opaque) liners.

Image result for maybelline gel liner

And at times, when I feel a bit fancy I use a bronzer and just swipe it all over my crease area just to get a bit of an contoured eye look. For bronzer i use the NYX matte bronzer.

Related image

Finishing the eye makeup with our trusty old friend mascara lately I’ve been using this Maybelline  Hyper curl mascara and believe me it just gives your lashes a dramatic lift and that’s what everybody wants right?


Moving on to the skin I don’t really like to use heavy foundations or mousse for daily basis I either color correct my problematic areas by using some concealer and when I just need an even tone skin I use a BB Cream. I use this lotus BB cream its light and it  gives you a dewy look.

Image result for lotus bb cream

Next just to make sure that everything lasts till the end of the day, I use the Maybelline fit me setting powder.

Image result for maybelline fit me powder

For lips I basically like to use a chap-stick/lip balm nothing crazy as such. So, that’s it this is my final look nothing crazy as such simple and pretty much easy I guess❤

Don’t forget to comment down below and and questions or suggestions for the next blog post your most welcome❤xoxo