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5 Life changing Skin care Hacks


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Tea bags: I know that’s strange but instead of buying toner or products to depuff your eyes you can use tea bags.You need a couple of tea bags pour some hot water, let the water cool down and store it in a container there you have it a home-made toner. You can also use tea bags as eye masks to depuff your eyes.


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Facial wipes: I know you’ve heard of this hack quiet at a lot. This is keeping some facial wipes near your bed because I know we’ve all been there where we are so tired and we don’t really wanna take the makeup off so these wipes near your bed would at least help you take your makeup off and not look like a raccoon when you get up in the morning.


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Sheet masks: Sheets masks can be really tempting and usually sheet masks have a lot of essence in it so when you use a sheet masks there is a lot of essence which has been wasted in the packet so all you gotta do is take the remaining essence from the packet and use it on your body.


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SPF Everyday: This is quiet obviously but a lot of people skip this step using spf is so damn important regardless of what the weather is.


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Multi-masking: A lot of us face different problems in different areas of our face like oily in the t zone and dryness on the rest of our face. Here multi-masking comes into the picture it is basically applying different masks onto the different areas of our face.

skin care (thursday series)

FACE MAPPING: The reason why you are breaking out and how to treat it correctly ❤

Hey my vyvacious beauties❤ How are you people doing?

So, today’s blog is all about knowing the reason why pimples pop up on some areas of your face.


So, what your face says about your health❤

Your UPPER FOREHEAD is directly linked with the digestive system.Image result for upper forehead


For this case try to take in more anti-oxidants rich foods or drinks.


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It is basically related to your mind and spirit. If you have pimples popping up here it might be due to the following reasons:

❤irregular sleeping patterns



❤bad blood circulation and much more

For this case, you must relax your mind and soul❤



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Breakouts on your eyebrows is directly linked to your liver. It might be because of a high consumption of high-fat diet or alcohol.

So, solution to these pimples are pretty self-explanatory. So, lower the consumption of high-fat diet and alcohol.


Your ears are basically connected to your kidneys.

This would be caused due to the following reasons:

❤ lack of consumption of water

❤ too much consumption of sodium and caffeine


Increase your water consumption and have a regular kidney detox routine❤


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Rights cheeks are basically connected to your lungs

These pimples may be caused due to:


❤respiratory stress/smoking

Solution: For this type of acne you must visit a doctor regarding the allergies and if you are an active smoker you must either stop or reduce its consumption.


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Your mouth area is basically linked to stomach and small intestine. These pimples may be a cause of high consumption of fast food/constipation and much more digestive problems.

Solution: Stop consuming fast food and have a regular detox routine.


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The sides of the chin are connected to your reproductive organs and the kidneys. Breakouts in these areas are related to hormonal imbalance and menstrual cycle.

Solution: The best way to tackle this acne situation is to bring your hormonal imbalance back to track.

So, that’s it for today’s post. I hope you people like it. Don’t forget to comment down below your thought and suggestions❤xoxo



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The SKIN CARE series❤


Hey, my beautiful vyvacious family How are you people doing? I hope you people liked my previous blog. So basically, From now on wards every Thursday will be skin care day. So stay tuned to be updated

The topic that I will be covering up today is all about different skin types and different products for particular skin type.

This might be obvious for you that there are 5 skin types:

  1. Oily
  2. Dry
  3. Sensitive
  4. combination
  5. normal

How to know what your skin type really is?

Usually our skin type changes according to the weather that is it reacts to the weather. Making it more clear: it is like sometimes, oily skin tends to act dry. This is all because of the weather and if this is not the situation your skin is same that is it is oily even In winter then it has same skin type throughout year.

Coming back to the question what skin type is yours . So, as we discussed above about 5 skin types as these 5 skin types are as different as different poles, there are different reasons and ways to know what skin type is yours

  1. Oily skin: If your skin is oily your (t-zone) that is your nose and forehead area tends to get oily soon your skin easily gets prone to acne, breakouts, and blackheads and so on.


To tackle your oily skin you need to change your routine that is your diet and even your products.

So these are my tips to tackle your oily skin.

  • No matter what your skin type is the basic routine and code for blemish free normal youthful skin is CTM i.e., cleansing, toning and moisturizing
  • So for cleansing use particular face wash that are meant for oily skin. You might be thinking this is so obvious but some face washes are particularly meant to moisturizing that is they don’t really remove the excess oil from your face instead they provide moisture.


  • Toning: the reason why toning is important as after cleansing your skin the pores of your skin opens and the chances of dirt accumulating on our skin increases just to close the pores and tighten our skin we use a skin toner .


A home-made skin toner for oily skin so take an empty container or a bottle. Take I cup of cucumber juice (quantity as required) and 1 cup tomato juice and I tbsp lime juice the ratio of the ingredients 1:1:1/2 that is you are going to keep the quantity of lemon half the amount of cucumber and tomato. You can store this toner in a container store this in the refrigerator shake it well and use it will maintain the ph level of your face.

  • Moisturizing:


The myth that usually people have is if our skin is oily so why should we apply moisturizer. Your skin is oily it is not moisturized it is the excess oily which is being given out from your skin. So using a good moisturizer is very important.

  • Now moving onto DRY SKIN:


 how to know if your skin is dry and flaky. Dry skin usually tends to burn and it gets wrinkly really fast.

So these are my tips to tackle your dry skin:

As I have mentioned it above for the oily skin the CTM

 routine it applies same for the dry skin but here you need to skip the toning step or do it once in a week cause the toner may sting a bit and the work of the toner is to close the pores and remove the excess oil. So its absolutely ok if you skip the step. Instead I would suggest you to do a deep skin moisturizing mask once a week.



I have a couple of skin moisturizing mask which ever is convenient you can choose it accordingly:

1.combine ½ cup  boiling water and 1/3 cup oatmeal. After the water and oatmeal have settled for two or three minutes, mix in 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey, and one small egg white. Apply thin layer of the mask and let it sit for 10-20 minutes

  1. This mask is pretty much simple and easy all you need is a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of milk and olive oil.

3.This is like a deep moisturizing oil mask where all you need is a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of olive oil and you can add a few drops of essential oils.

  1. sensitive skin type:

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How to actually identify whether your skin type is sensitive or not? It is pretty much simple because sensitive skin type is the one which gets red easily and is allergic to most  of the products

How to take care of your sensitive skin type:

  • Now its like I have said this for like a billion times so as I’ve mentioned it earlier that CTM

 is necessary for youthful skin and you need to follow it but as your skin is sensitive you need to choose particular products which suits your skin. One tip before Using anything on you face apply a small amount product on your palms just be sure and I would recommend you to use products suggested by a Dermatologist so as to not harm your skin.



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How to identify your skin type is combination skin type:

Combination skin type means a mixture of two skin types that is oily or dry

Just to make it more clear it means a particular portion or an area of your skin would be oily and a particular area is dry usually its your t-zone which tends to beoily and the other area to be dry.

How to tackle combination skin:

1 .Ctm- I know I have mentioned it loads of time and yes its important for your skin but now as your skin is dry as well as oily you need to tackle it differently that is a different mask for your t-zone and a different mask for your dry areas………

5.Normal skin: Coming to the last skin type the normal skin. If your skin is normal, whatever routine you are following; I would request you to follow the same and if CTM  is not included in your routine, do include it in your routine


So, I hope you find this blog helpfuland don’t forget to leave your comments down below