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Beginners makeup essential❤

Hey, my vyvacious beauties…❤

So, today’s blog is all about beginner’s makeup kit. I know a lot of you people are just starting with makeup, so this is basically my first makeup products that I bought for myself and this is not really a huge fancy list because I know some of you are in a budget. So, without much rambling let’s get right into it.

❤ Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner:

Image result for maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner

There’s so much to say about this product because for me a Kajal or a liner is must have and this gel based Kajal is so bomb. I absolutely love it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

❤ Maybelline New York lash sensational mascara:

Image result for maybelline new york sensational mascara

So, coming onto my favorite part this mascara will absolutely change your eye lash game like seriously it gives your lashes length and volume you can look at my Instagram pictures I hardly use false lashes and it’s all because of this mascara.

❤ Maybelline New York fit me matte+pore-less foundation:

Image result for maybelline new york fit me matte poreless foundation

This is my first foundation that I ever started using and it gives you a pretty much good coverage and is absolutely build-able.

❤ Maybelline New York fit me concealer:

Image result for maybelline new york fit me concealer

This concealer is creamy at the same time easy to blend you can use this for highlighting as well as concealing.

❤ Maybelline fit me setting powder:

Related image

After using all the foundation and concealer to make it last long this is a great setting powder.

❤ Makeup Revolution Palette bronzer, blush and highlighter:

Image result for makeup revolution blush highlighter and bronzer palette

This is just an option if you want to buy a three in one bronzer, blusher and highlighter.

❤ Maybelline the nudes palette:

Image result for maybelline nude palette

All I want to say about this palette is its multipurpose and you can use it for contouring, filling in your eyebrows and much more.

❤ Basically I don’t really use lipsticks for daily basis so I don’t really have any options regarding lipsticks all I do is use a Himalaya balm and that’s it. Its super hydrating and it doesn’t make your lips look greasy.

So, beauties that’s it for a beginner’s makeup bag if you want to invest on lipsticks or lip gloss go ahead. But for me this much is all I would ever want. So, I hope you like it and do comment down below and follow me on all my social medias to stay updated. XOXO.

p.s., None of these products are been sponsored by any of these brands they are my personal favourites and they are affordable❤ .


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The SKIN CARE series❤


Hey, my beautiful vyvacious family How are you people doing? I hope you people liked my previous blog. So basically, From now on wards every Thursday will be skin care day. So stay tuned to be updated

The topic that I will be covering up today is all about different skin types and different products for particular skin type.

This might be obvious for you that there are 5 skin types:

  1. Oily
  2. Dry
  3. Sensitive
  4. combination
  5. normal

How to know what your skin type really is?

Usually our skin type changes according to the weather that is it reacts to the weather. Making it more clear: it is like sometimes, oily skin tends to act dry. This is all because of the weather and if this is not the situation your skin is same that is it is oily even In winter then it has same skin type throughout year.

Coming back to the question what skin type is yours . So, as we discussed above about 5 skin types as these 5 skin types are as different as different poles, there are different reasons and ways to know what skin type is yours

  1. Oily skin: If your skin is oily your (t-zone) that is your nose and forehead area tends to get oily soon your skin easily gets prone to acne, breakouts, and blackheads and so on.


To tackle your oily skin you need to change your routine that is your diet and even your products.

So these are my tips to tackle your oily skin.

  • No matter what your skin type is the basic routine and code for blemish free normal youthful skin is CTM i.e., cleansing, toning and moisturizing
  • So for cleansing use particular face wash that are meant for oily skin. You might be thinking this is so obvious but some face washes are particularly meant to moisturizing that is they don’t really remove the excess oil from your face instead they provide moisture.


  • Toning: the reason why toning is important as after cleansing your skin the pores of your skin opens and the chances of dirt accumulating on our skin increases just to close the pores and tighten our skin we use a skin toner .


A home-made skin toner for oily skin so take an empty container or a bottle. Take I cup of cucumber juice (quantity as required) and 1 cup tomato juice and I tbsp lime juice the ratio of the ingredients 1:1:1/2 that is you are going to keep the quantity of lemon half the amount of cucumber and tomato. You can store this toner in a container store this in the refrigerator shake it well and use it will maintain the ph level of your face.

  • Moisturizing:


The myth that usually people have is if our skin is oily so why should we apply moisturizer. Your skin is oily it is not moisturized it is the excess oily which is being given out from your skin. So using a good moisturizer is very important.

  • Now moving onto DRY SKIN:


 how to know if your skin is dry and flaky. Dry skin usually tends to burn and it gets wrinkly really fast.

So these are my tips to tackle your dry skin:

As I have mentioned it above for the oily skin the CTM

 routine it applies same for the dry skin but here you need to skip the toning step or do it once in a week cause the toner may sting a bit and the work of the toner is to close the pores and remove the excess oil. So its absolutely ok if you skip the step. Instead I would suggest you to do a deep skin moisturizing mask once a week.



I have a couple of skin moisturizing mask which ever is convenient you can choose it accordingly:

1.combine ½ cup  boiling water and 1/3 cup oatmeal. After the water and oatmeal have settled for two or three minutes, mix in 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey, and one small egg white. Apply thin layer of the mask and let it sit for 10-20 minutes

  1. This mask is pretty much simple and easy all you need is a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of milk and olive oil.

3.This is like a deep moisturizing oil mask where all you need is a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of olive oil and you can add a few drops of essential oils.

  1. sensitive skin type:

Image result for image of sensitive skin

How to actually identify whether your skin type is sensitive or not? It is pretty much simple because sensitive skin type is the one which gets red easily and is allergic to most  of the products

How to take care of your sensitive skin type:

  • Now its like I have said this for like a billion times so as I’ve mentioned it earlier that CTM

 is necessary for youthful skin and you need to follow it but as your skin is sensitive you need to choose particular products which suits your skin. One tip before Using anything on you face apply a small amount product on your palms just be sure and I would recommend you to use products suggested by a Dermatologist so as to not harm your skin.



Image result for image of combination skin

How to identify your skin type is combination skin type:

Combination skin type means a mixture of two skin types that is oily or dry

Just to make it more clear it means a particular portion or an area of your skin would be oily and a particular area is dry usually its your t-zone which tends to beoily and the other area to be dry.

How to tackle combination skin:

1 .Ctm- I know I have mentioned it loads of time and yes its important for your skin but now as your skin is dry as well as oily you need to tackle it differently that is a different mask for your t-zone and a different mask for your dry areas………

5.Normal skin: Coming to the last skin type the normal skin. If your skin is normal, whatever routine you are following; I would request you to follow the same and if CTM  is not included in your routine, do include it in your routine


So, I hope you find this blog helpfuland don’t forget to leave your comments down below



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The Classic Red lipstick❤

Hey, my Vyvacious beauties how are you people doing? I hope you people liked my previous blogs. And if you haven’t checked that out don’t forget to scroll down after reading this❤  yaa so coming back to Red lips.

I believe life is too short to have boring lipsticks right?!

So, I am going to talk about Red lips, How to actually choose your perfect shade and many more❤

Question 1:

How to choose perfect lip shade?

New Tan

❤ basically, there are 3 tones:

  1. Warm tone
  2. Neutral tone
  3. Cool tone

The above are the three tones, all you need to know about them is every lipstick has an undertone. For example, Warm tones look good on people with warm or darker skin and so it applies to the rest two shades❤

Question 2:

 How to actually know what undertone do you have?

❤ Tip1: This is the jewelry method, here all you do is put on a gold necklace and see if it compliments your skin tone and if it does it means you have a warm undertone and if you put on a silver jewelry and if it compliments your skin tone then you have a cool undertone and if both the gold and silver jewelry compliments your skin it means you have a neutral undertone ❤  boom now you know what your undertone is and which lip shade to use❤

So, now you lovely beauties know how to choose the perfect red lipstick❤

Don’t forget to comment down below and do tag me on your pictures if you find your perfect red lipstick❤


The BB Cream theory❤

Hey, my Vyvacious beauties how are you people doing?? Today I am going to clear the concept of BB creams. So, let’s get right into it

Basically, it was originated in Germany back in 1960s and its sole purpose was to recover the skin while providing coverage after surgery.

In 1980s BB creams became popular across Asia.

  • 1.What does BB stands for?

Blemish balm or beauty base or beauty balm.

  • 2.What is its purpose?

It’s kind of wearing a foundation which provides coverage but at the same time letting your skin heal with blemishes.

  • 3.When to use?

Usually when your skin is going through break out or redness or any kind of problematic situation BB cream works the best…But it’s not necessary to use only when you have problematic skin you can also use when your skin is all normal and you just need a minimal coverage.


  • 4.benefits of BB cream?

❤ It moisturizes your skin

❤ It has primer and SPF in it

❤ It gives you an even tone look

❤ It brightens your face

❤ It helps to heal acne without worsening the situation



Medium or full depending upon the brand and how you build it.


5.Difference between BB creams and foundation and tinted moisturizers?

As tinted moisturizers are meant to provide moisture to the skin along with some coverage of foundation whereas, foundation are meant to provide coverage while on the other hand BB cream provides coverage as well as moisturizes the skin.


My 2 drugstore favs are:

  1. Lotus BB cream: It’s great for dry skin it moisturizes and gives a dewy look and is more on the natural side


  1. Maybelline BB cream: It’s great for oily skin where it controls the excess oil production and at the same time doesn’t make your skin look or feel dry






  1. Vegan BB cream: Some great cruelty-free BB creams are

-Smash box

smash box


-The body shop

the body shop.png

My 2 most Favs high end BB creams are:




-Rimmel London

rimmel london.png